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Springbrook recognizes the importance of a well trained workforce. We are committed to strengthening the quality of our workforce while enhancing the quality of service delivery to the people we serve.

Springbrook believes that service recipients and direct support professionals work collaboratively relying the guiding principles of independence, inclusion, individuality, and productivity in pursuit of their goals.

New Employee Orientation

To promote the development of a highly skilled team, Springbrook provides orientation training to all new employees and offers comprehensive curricula to ensure that all employees become familiar with Springbrook, the services we provide and our guiding principles. The employee orientation program for our direct support professionals consists of a 1-week program followed by a week long Medication Administration course and a 3-day Strategies for Crisis Intervention Program. After these initial trainings, all direct support professionals begin working at their job sites and begin a 6-week extended orientation program consisting of classroom instruction followed by hands on training at their job site.

Lifelong Learning

Springbrook endeavors to have our staff members become lifelong learners. We offer a generous tuition reimbursement program available to all employees regardless of position.

Additionally, Springbrook realizes that direct support professionals form the bedrock upon which our supports are based by providing access to high quality educational experiences such as in-service training, continuing and higher education.

To achieve this we have established a partnership with SUNY Morrisville and jointly created a credentialing process for our direct support professionals.

The program is based on guidelines provided by the National Alliance of Direct Support Professionals, a consortium of service providers that have identified skills and ethical standards universal to our field.