Know the Signs

In 2012, the number of American children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) was 1 in 88. Just one year later, however, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a new report (2013) indicating that an estimated 1 in 68 children is diagnosed with autism—that is increase of thirty percent. What’s more, it is believed that of those 68 children, 1 in 54 will be male. Researchers are still not quite sure why the vast majority of children diagnosed are male, but one reason might be because autistic females demonstrate different personality traits and characteristics, which can sometimes be misleading during initial assessments with behavioral specialists.

Researchers, medical professionals, and educators urge parents to be proactive in seeking a diagnosis if there is any concern at all. Some of the early signs of autism include:

  • No name recognition by 12 months
  • No pointing at objects by 14 months
  • No playing of pretend games by 18 months
  • Avoiding eye and physical contact
  • Delayed speech and language skills
  • Repeating of words, phrases, or actions
  • Inappropriate or inaccurate facial expressions
  • Flapping hands, arms, or legs
  • Using few or no gestures
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