Residential School

Residential School

The School at Springbrook is New York’s premiere educational setting for young people with special needs.

Our learning environment extends from a traditional classroom setting for day students and residential students to a dedicated program for children with autism. In every class and every program, we strive to help all students achieve to the best of their ability while developing self-confidence and independence. In addition to the traditional homeroom-based learning, we also offer a huge variety of enrichment programs ranging from gardening, skiing, and horseback riding to music therapy and dance.

The School at Springbrook is one unique school with two incredible programs—The GEMS Program and the Tom Golisano Center for Autism. Each program educates, supports, and strengthens our students with enhanced class ratios of 6:1:3 or 8:1:3, a certified SPED master teacher, certified teaching assistant, and teaching aides in every classroom.


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