Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Edelstein_Jeff.pngJeff Edelstein

The School at Springbrook GEMS Program

The GEMS Residential Team

Bobbie Martindale, Assistant Director
Kim MacPherson, Assistant Director

Maryann Sciame, Administrative Assistant

McDowell House

Todd MacPherson, Manager
Christopher Dutcher, Assistant Manager
Lisa Walker, Assitant Manager

Snell House

Tiffany Jankowski, Manager
Kimberly Vass, Assistant Manager

Sunshine House

Amy Devine, Manager
Bradley Seeley, Assistant Manager
Christopher Watson, Assistant Manager

Susquehanna House

Sabrina Hogan, Manager
Mellisa Arenas, Assistant Manager
Matthew Love, Assistant Manager

Taylor House

Kaitlin Gullow, Manager, Taylor House
Jason Maciatek, Assistant Manager
Benjamin Van Ord, Assistant Manager


The GEMS Education Team

Amanda Mathewson, Assistant Director/Curriculum Coordinator

Katie Hollenbeck, Administrative Assistant

Special Education Teachers

Melinda Boyle
Janice Clerke
Jessica Elliott
Athena Frost
Wendy Johnson
Kimberly Kaufman
Catherine Lien
Jacqueline Parry
Susan Philippe
Nicole Valentine-Sokolowski
Brittany Thomas

APE Teacher

Daryl Birdsall

Transition Specialists

Kelsie Ford
Dana White

Behavior Specialists

Kierra Arthur
Mary Dirr
Brittany Hayes
Joshua Simmons

Recreation Therapist

Laurie Spicer


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