People of Springbrook

Students & Participants

  • Linda Faoro and Roger Gurney

    Linda Faoro and Roger Gurney

    Former Residents, Ford Avenue Community Home - Participants in the Alternative Living Services Program

    At 70 and 65, Roger and Linda were ready for, “peace and quiet.” The two long-time Community Homes residents worked with staff to find a place of their own. “I like being able to settle down and watch the shows I like on TV, and it’s quiet here.” When needs and wants change, supports should to.

  • Laurie McKeen

    Laurie McKeen

    Community Homes Resident, Capstone Program Participant

  • Jamie Canfield

    Jamie Canfield

    Participant, Former Resident, Supported Employment/Alternative Living Supports

  • Ronda


    Student at The School at Springbrook

Parents & Families

  • Tom Travisano

    Tom Travisano

    Parent (Self-Directed Services)

  • Joyce Morris

    Joyce Morris

    Parent (Golisano Program, School)

  • Jeff & Nate Katz

    Jeff & Nate Katz

    Parent & Participant of Self-Directed Services

  • Craig & Maria Keil

    Craig & Maria Keil

    Parent of a Student of The School at Springbrook Golisano Program and Community Homes

  • Bonnie & Ted Martin

    Bonnie & Ted Martin

    Parents (Community Homes)

Our Staff

  • Bridget Lamp

    Bridget Lamp

    Employment Services Coordinator

  • Tyrone Lohr

    Tyrone Lohr

    Day Hab Assistant

  • Deb France

    Deb France

    Physical Therapist Assistant

  • Katrina Havrish

    Katrina Havrish

    Special Education Teacher

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