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Springbrook is dedicated to the following principles: 

People First:  The needs, interests, goals, and desires of the children and adults we support are predicated by their humanity first—not their disability. 

Community Based Programs: Our programs are provided in the least restrictive environment possible, based on the desires and abilities of the individuals we support. Every effort is made to provide opportunities for recreation, education, and the development of vocational skills in integrated settings.

Meaningful Choice: All people supported by Springbrook have the opportunity to make meaningful choices based on their dreams, experiences, or personal goals. These choices may be related to home, work, or relationships.  Opportunities for decision-making are a routine part of each person's day. Life choices that do not compromise health and safety are respected and valued. 

Increasing Independence: Supports are provided to people based on their interests, preferences, strengths, and the ability to promote independence.

Consumer Satisfaction: All people and their advocates and guardians have the right and opportunity to communicate their satisfaction and/or dissatisfaction with the supports they receive. Areas of dissatisfaction are addressed and result in tangible changes in the person's life situation. 

Transdisciplinary Approach: All planning for supports is collaborative, involving the people most knowledgeable about the individual being supported. Planning is ongoing for each individual and all people involved work in the best interest of the individual.

Superior Staff: Springbrook has the most highly qualified, compassionate, and knowledgeable staff in the field. The strength of Springbrook’s staff is founded upon our commitment to aggressive recruitment and hiring, providing the most comprehensive training and evaluation, and respect for the individuals we support. 

Fiscal Responsibility: Springbrook is a not-for-profit organization that receives funding from not only a variety of state and federal agencies, but individuals, corporations, and foundations. It is our responsibility to provide programs in a fiscally responsible manner. When funding constraints require supports or services to be limited or prioritized, our mission and principles will guide our decisions.