Donor Dollars at Work - Springbrook Sprouts

Springbrook Sprouts is a children's athletics program that launched back in October 2017 with 13 children ages 2-7. Just like our Kids Unlimited Preschool, this integrated program was created for children of all abilities and was designed to not only build skills but teach acceptance and tolerance.

The Sprouts enjoyed partner activities like passing a soccer ball, catch, tag, and follow the leader. Sports-specific skills were introduced, such as shooting, passing and dribbling in soccer and basketball, as well as t-ball fielding, throwing and catching. They played parachute games, ran an obstacle course, tried aerobics, had a swimming night and capped off the season with a “glow” party (with glow sticks and balloons).

Parents enjoyed watching their kids play together and grow with each new experience. One happy mom commented:

“Sprouts was a great program for my family. I saw my (4-year-old) son flourish and thrive. There are things he did in Sprouts that I never knew he could do before. He looked forward to it every day. Even when I drive by Springbrook with him he says, ‘Hey Mom, are we going to Sprouts today?’ I believe that this is a wonderful program for children to learn about physical education, how to take turns and to work as a team. Thank you for the opportunity for having my child in this program and we can't wait for the spring Sprouts!!!”

The Sprouts program was made possible in part by the C.J. Helig Foundation of Cooperstown. Their generous gift is a great example of Donor Dollars at Work within Springbrook!

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