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Sprouts Youth Sports Program Begins Spring Season

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 11, 2019 Oneonta, NY: Springbrook, a leader in the support for people with developmental disabilities, is proud to announce that Springbrook Sprouts—an integrated program for children of all abilities—will begin Tuesday, April 30. The...

7th Annual Special Olympics Basketball Tournament a Success

Springbrook hosted the 7th Annual Springbrook Invitational Special Olympics Basketball Tournament on Saturday, March 30. The free event featured a round-robin style competition consisting of eight teams, with athletes from Broome, Tompkins/Cortland,...

April 2019 Policy Reminder – Referral Policy

At Springbrook, we have found that employee referrals are an effective way for recruiting quality candidates. The purpose of the Employee Referral Bonus Program is to provide an incentive award to a current employee in a full-time equivalent position who brings new...

People are Respected – Outcome of the Month April 2019

As part of Springbrook’s commitment to excellence for those we support, we will be sharing an Outcome of the Month for reflection with participants, staff, and administration. For April 2019, we bring you the outcome of “People are Respected!” VALUES People are always...

April 2019 MyIgniteHealth Challenge – Give Back to Health

It doesn't matter how old you are, your background, gifts/talents you have to offer or how much money/time you have to spare. We all have something that we can do to help give back to our community. Join the Give Back Challenge and let’s start making a...

April 2019 Lifeworks Update – Looking to Your Future

Whether it’s your job, finances, home life, or relationships, stress can have a devastating impact on your life and your future. Focus on developing coping strategies or finding additional support to help you now and in the future. Whether you’re stressed at work or...

Safety Suggestion April 2019 – Avoiding Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slips, trips, and falls cause the majority of general industry accidents, and a number of accidental deaths – more fatalities than all other accident causes but motor vehicles. You can fall when walking, standing, or even sitting in a chair, but most occur while...

My Skills, My Springbrook

Springbrook’s Employment Services Program provides individuals of all abilities with the resources to find a job where they can work successfully. While some people require various assessments to determine which job will best suit them, some people merely...

My Career, My Springbrook, Part 2 – My Opportunity

If there’s one quality you can count on with Justin Frost, it is that he is not afraid to try something new. Justin’s journey with Springbrook started 10 years ago as a DSP and has taken him across myriad positions and departments. I’ve always had the...

Springbrook to Host 7th Annual Special Olympics Basketball Tournament

Springbrook will host the 7th Annual Springbrook Invitational Special Olympics Basketball Tournament on Saturday, March 30 from 9 am to 3 pm. The tournament is free, and the public is invited to attend. The Springbrook Invitational is a round-robin style competition...

Helpdesk Ticket – Website

Please use this form if you are unable to send a Helpdesk Ticket from your Springbrook email account.

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